Real Estate and emotions?

Any owner who wants to sell a house or apartment wonders what price he can get for his property. However, as a rule, one’s own idea deviates significantly from the actual value of the object, ie the price that buyers are willing to pay.


Even if your own property has become important over the years and especially the self-used is associated with many memories and emotions, so in determining the selling price feelings should be left out.


You ask the neighbors what they paid for their house or apartment. At best, this can only provide vague indications, because equipment and modernization are hardly considered. Beautification measures and conversions, which are particularly dear to the seller, rarely meet the approval of potential buyers.


Real estate professionals examine the property in detail, capture much more than just a few key data and evaluate it. Specific property features, land values, market adjustment factors and numerous other parameters are also included in the valuation.


Which prices are achieved in which areas of the region? How long are the current competing offers on the market? How big is the offer of similar real estate? How big or small is the circle of potential buyers? Which trends are emerging in the regional real estate market? What is the age, social and asset structure?

A housing market analysis provides the answers to these and many more questions.


Only when all the factors influencing the price have been determined individually for the sales object can a realistic selling price be set which balances the expectations of the seller and the prospective buyer and thus actually achieves them.


For almost three decades, we have assisted owners wishing to sell their property in pricing and assisting them with our diverse services in marketing, negotiating, sightseeing and much more.