No sanctions in case of violation of the Rent Cap Act information obligation

If landlords violate information obligations arising from the new Rent Cap Act, they do not currently have to fear sanctions.

Due to the corona crisis, the Berlin Senate announced on March 24, 2020, that no sanctions will be imposed. This will initially apply for six months. Among other things, the rent cap law stipulates that landlords must inform their tenants by mid-April without being asked when the apartment was first ready for occupancy or about other factors that play a role in the calculation of the rent cap.

If the tenants ask them to do so, landlords are also obliged to notify the amount of the rent on 18 June 2019. If a new rental agreement is concluded, future tenants are entitled to be informed of both without being asked.

Under the Rent Cap Act, rents for apartments that were ready for occupancy before 1 January 2014 will be frozen for five years at the level of 18 June 2019.