How to sell a property

If you hire a broker to sell your property, you benefit from many benefits. Perhaps the most important: Brokers know exactly how to obtain the desired price and relieve you of the entire process of selling.

Real estate brokerage services

sales preparation

  • The broker performs a real estate valuation and determines, also based on his sales experience and market knowledge, the reasonable price for the property. If necessary, he will add an appraiser.
  • He collects documents for sale at the responsible offices and prepares them if necessary.
  • He advises the owner in the areas of contract and construction law.

offer phase

  • The broker creates a meaningful exposé of the property.
  • He makes photos and, if necessary, films or 360-degree images.
  • He sets a target group and creates a marketing strategy.
  • The broker launches marketing measures, eg through real estate advertisements, advertisements at ImmobilienScout24, notices or direct offers to potential buyers in his file.
  • The broker informs the owner about returns and marketing successes.
  • He performs inspections and compiles a pre-selection of eligible buyers.
  • He conducts sales negotiations with potential buyers.
  • The broker checks the creditworthiness of potential buyers.

sales stage

  • The broker works out the sales contract and agrees with the notary.
  • He organizes all tasks around the contract signing or notarization with the notary.
  • He is present at the handover of the keys and leads a handover protocol.
  • Even after the end of the sales phase, he is available to buyers and sellers with advice and assistance.

required documents for sale

A professional broker helps the seller, as part of his service, to compile the documents for sale. For the sales extensive documents are needed. This starts with the current floor plan, if possible with dimensioning, and the correct calculations of the living space. In older houses, this can be outdated, and should be redrawn or even illustrated. Obligation is also the energy certificate. Additional costs / operating costs are also necessary for the broker to read the correct value for the exposé here. Very important is the land register excerpt, which shows what real rights, such as residential and rights of way exist. Also important: the land register, from which the property boundaries are visible.
With a power of attorney knows the real estate professional to get all the missing documents from offices, notaries and administrations.

Here is an overview that is needed depending on the type of property.

  • Layout
  • Current land register excerpt from the Land Registry
  • Floor map and site plan from the cadastral office
  • All available blueprints
  • Calculations of living space and usable space
  • Method Statements
  • Acceptance certificate from the building authority
  • Survey confirmation from the cadastral office
  • modernization evidence
  • energy certificate
  • Current operating cost statements
  • property tax bill
  • building policy
  • Documents about location and interesting facts about the object for the exposé
  • If available: current photos
  • For condominiums: the declaration of division, business plans, minutes of the owners’ meetings, housing benefit statements, information on maintenance or modernization measures