Assets levy for financing corona

The economic distortions resulting from the Conona pandemic have led to unexpected and very high financing requirements on the part of the public sector.

In addition to financing through increased government borrowing, there is currently a discussion going on as to whether expenditure could be compensated for by higher taxes. An increase in value-added tax would further weaken consumption, while in the Federal Republic of Germany above-average tax rates are already being paid on income taxes.

The federal elections will take place on 24.10.2021 and by then the follow-up costs of the pandemic should be foreseeable. It is to be feared that pandemic-related follow-up costs will be financed by a capital levy. Corresponding examinations of the constitutionality have already been commissioned

Even if corresponding tax allowances and a flat-rate recording of real estate assets are to be expected, these ideas should be taken into account at an early stage in your own planning.