Tips for the move

  1. start concrete planning in good time and use checklists
  2. muck out and clear out the rubbish. What has been standing unused in the cellar for a year can be removed.
  3. take advantage of relocation advice. The preliminary inspection and consultation are usually free of charge.
  4. Pack properly and avoid damage. If one would like to pack for cost reasons, one should inform oneself with large and expensive articles before by councellors.
  5. save – but in the right place and not on the packing material. There are also tax saving possibilities for privately arranged removals. Keyword: household-related services.

The apartment has been found, now the move has to be planned – in times of COVID-19 this is only possible with moving companies. What you have to consider.

People like to take a lot of time to look for an apartment. The actual move is then often approached too short-term. And that makes it more expensive, because for example the removal companies have only few capacities free – like in the holiday season.

When planning new furniture or a new kitchen, delivery times of several months may have to be reckoned with. Moving companies usually need three to four weeks lead time. You may also need time to find a new tenant in time.

It is best to get moving boxes one or two months before the move. This gives you enough time to sort out and pack one by one. In order not to get the unpleasant feeling of having forgotten something important, it is recommended to use checklists.

Many people only become aware of how much they actually own and how much of it they no longer need when planning their move. Order not only has an essential influence on our time, but also on our thoughts and inner freedom.

When it comes to tidying out, everything that has been lying in unpacked boxes for months or years should be thrown away unseen. These things are simply no longer needed.

A move is generally underestimated and some people think it’s just a matter of moving a few boxes and furniture from A to B. This may still work for a small student flat, but for a complete household and over longer distances it becomes more difficult.
The construction of a moving company depends on the budget and the time available. For long-distance and international moves it is worthwhile even for a small apartment or a partial move. Here there are inexpensive additional loading options. Even when moving within a region, it usually makes sense to hire a moving company for two-room flats or more.
You should be careful with companies that advertise with very low hourly rates. Similarly, package deals without prior inspection or volume estimation and inclusion of the scope of services are often deceptive. A cheap offer can ultimately become expensive.

Should professional movers be offered snacks and drinks?
Provision of coffee and water should be standard to express appreciation for the usually hard working movers.

And the tip?
10 to 20 euros per man and day are usual. You can also tip the team leader in total. But also a part at the beginning of the move for motivation and the rest at successful completion.

What are the positive sides of a move?
We leave the familiar and familiar with its good and bad sides. A move brings a new start, a new phase in life with the chance to improve some things in life.