Socialists wants to ban the transfer of property tax on the operating costs of the tenants

The dwindling electorate of the socialists must be motivated.

A draft of the planned real estate tax reform plans to calculate the property tax according to the value of the land, the age of the buildings and the average rental costs.
“The property tax will be borne solely by the owner in the future,” said the CEO of the Socialists SPD parliamentary group. For this purpose, the operating cost ordinance should be changed.
A gift from the socialists to their potential electorate.
Of course, neither the SPD (Socialists) nor the Union (Christian Party) would like to forego property tax and real estate tax revenues.

Jeder Eigentümer, der ein Haus oder eine Wohnung verkaufen möchte, fragt sich, welchen Preis er für seine Immobilie erzielen kann. In der Regel weicht die eigene Vorstellung jedoch deutlich vom tatsächlichen Wert des Objektes ab, also dem Preis, den Käufer bereit sind zu zahlen.
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