Service for property owners

30 years – real estate with competence and passion

What we do for the real estate seller:
We determine for free the fair market price of the property
we know the local real estate market
We already know suitable buyers for the property
we advise personally and individually – even in difficult questions
We take over the entire marketing process until the notarized contract
for the seller at the moment free of charge in Berlin with surrounding area as well as in Munich with surroundings and five-lake-country.

property valuation for free

The value behind the emotions.

Most private owners have never sold a property.

Therefore, they often do not know which price is really appropriate for the object. In order to achieve the highest possible profit, they usually go with a very high selling price in the advertising. With negative consequences: The house or the finds weeks of little demand and eventually degenerates to the storekeeper. On the other hand, it is also important not to sell below value, because you do not want to give away any money.

Do you know the value of your property?

property sales

To be able to implement projects quickly, one must know the real estate market.
To sell quickly, you have to be familiar with your customers.
To be successful, you have to apply sustainably.
Our many years of experience in the real estate market, our good customer relations and our professional marketing give you security – so you are free for new projects.

How to sell a property?


Thanks to Marketing tracking, you as the owner (seller or landlord) and client of our company can find out easely online about the status of our activities in relation to your property at any time. After logging in, a list of activities sorted by date appears, which shows the work processes that have been updated to date.

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