Selling property without realtor

Every year many apartments and houses change owners.
What sounds simple is often tedious. Not always, and especially not everywhere, shoppers queue for average or even problematic real estate. Who wants to sell his apartment or house privately, often takes a long breath.
In addition to patience, realism is also appropriate. Many are blinded by the price per square meter that they have picked up from neighbors, colleagues or the Internet. When comparing an older apartment with a new building, one discovers differences that can not be compensated by the best care. Decades of bathing pleasure leave clear traces of use, the tile taste changes constantly every few years.
The property must first be brought into good condition. The seller then has to decide either to renovate cheap, so to paint over walls and lay a simple carpet, or to renovate consuming and expensive. The new buyer now has a different taste and the effort was in vain.
The object was finally brought up to scratch and the sale can start. Advertisements are placed, at best with photos of the smartphone, many curious people, several like-minded people who want to test the competition, occasional agents who smell orders. You also meet many nice people who are looking for a bargain.
After many pointless visits it is quiet and the private seller learns whether the price is really in relation to the location and condition of the object.
It can be assumed that more than three quarters of privately offered apartments are too expensive.