Rental offers

The basic rules that apply to housing brokers are regulated in the Housing Act.
Since June 1, 2015, the so-called ordering principle applies.

The brokerage commission for the rental of an apartment is paid by the client. This is usually the landlord, but can also be the tenant.
The brokerage commission is a success fee. It is only payable if the broker really gives the opportunity to rent a specific apartment.
Another requirement: You really need to rent this apartment.
You must have actually commissioned the broker to look for a place to live. This usually happens in writing.
A brokerage contract can be concluded in text form by email, fax, letter.
The amount of the commission is determined by law:
Two monthly rentals (net rent) plus VAT max.
No other costs: postage, telephone charges, typing fees.
The broker may not be the owner, steward, tenant or landlord of the apartment you rent.
He may not simultaneously work for the landlord and apartment seeker in the same thing.

Secure determination of market rent
Determination of a market-oriented rent taking into account the economic efficiency for the landlord and appropriate advice.

Optimal presentation of your property
If you want creditworthy and reliable tenants, then you must also address your circle of interests with professional exposés and high-quality listings. The real estate professional prepares your property professionally. These include first-class photos, prepared floor plans and complete documentation.

Professional advertising
In order to find the optimal tenant, it is often not sufficient to advertise the property in just one medium. The broker knows the best internet platforms as well as the relevant print media.

The legal energy certificate
For most properties, the legally required energy certificate must be available. If this is missing, the real estate professional will assist you in fulfilling the obligations under the Energy Saving Ordinance. He also ensures that all relevant information is included in the listing, so that neither an administrative offense is given nor threatened with a fine.

Flexible execution of the visits
Regarding sightseeing times, the real estate professional is flexible and organizes sightseeing with qualified prospects even at times when the owner may be prevented or not want to tie up his own scarce time with sightseeing. Already in advance, he has qualified the interested parties. During the visit, he not only shows the immobile but also checks the prospective customer in a personal conversation.

credit check
From the persons who express serious interest in the apartment after the visit, the real estate professional compiles a preselection. The basis is not only the tenant self-assessment but also the obligatory credit check.

Preparation of the lease
Taking into account the current legislation, the characteristics of the rental property and the economy, the real estate professional formulates the lease. The clean and conscientious documented transfer of the apartment is one of his services. In addition, the real estate professional witness status when handing over the apartment, if it subsequently comes to opinion differences.

Preservation of the privacy of the landlord
The real estate professional also takes over the important buffer function between you and the interested parties who have not come into play. This ensures that you will not be bothered by further unpleasant calls after the rental.

As well as you for craftsmanship the specialist firm, should be commissioned for an optimal result in the rental of real estate professionals.

The brokerage fee is tax deductible
Even if the brokerage commission does not seem cheap at first glance, this is offset when you compare your own time and costs. Also note that you can deduct the brokerage tax in full.

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