Rent real estate – preferably with realtor

If you hire a realtor to rent out your property, you will benefit from a comprehensive service. Perhaps the most important: real estate agents know exactly how to obtain the desired price and relieve you of the burden of the entire rental process.

Property Rental Services


  • The broker collects all necessary documents for the rental, such as the floor plan, and verifies that the floor space details are correct.
  • He determines a marketable rental price for the owner. If necessary, he uses the rent index and uses market values ​​to compare prices for similar properties.

offer phase

  • The broker creates a meaningful exposé of the property.
  • He makes photos and, if necessary, films or 360-degree images.
  • He sets a target group and creates a marketing strategy.
  • The broker launches marketing measures, e.g. through real estate listings, listings on ImmobilienScout24, posters, etc.
  • The broker informs the owner about returns and marketing successes.
  • He performs inspections and compiles a pre-selection of possible tenants.
  • The broker checks the creditworthiness of potential tenants and also takes care of special requests of the landlord, for example, if no pets are desired.

Rental phase

  • The broker offers his help in preparing the lease.
  • He brings landlords and tenants together to sign the lease.
  • He takes care of a smooth transfer of the rented apartment or tenement.

Important documents for the rental

The broker will help you to compile the documents for a rental. That’s part of his service. When letting the documents are clear: This is mainly about a current floor plan, if possible with dimensioning, and the correct calculations of the living space. In older houses, this can be outdated, so it can be worthwhile to redraw it or even to have it illustrated. Obligation is also the energy certificate. Additional costs / operating costs are also necessary for the broker to read the correct value for the exposé here.
It is especially important and not so easy when choosing to rent out the right tenant to check applicants and their documents. Many landlords can be tempted by emotions to make wrong decisions. A good broker asks the landlord for his intentions and then seeks specifically the right tenant.

Rental: The broker needs these documents

  • Layout
  • Calculations of living space and usable space
  • Operating cost / utility costs
  • energy certificate
  • Documents about location and interesting facts about the object for the exposé
  • if available a building description
  • attractive photos