we sell your property for free

kostenloser Immobilienverkauf in Berlin und München
How to sell a property?

If you sell, then at the best price, as fast as possible and at no cost.

We realize that selling a property includes not only economic but also emotional aspects. The final decision to sell is preceded by many considerations. With our many years of experience, we can help you to make the right decision.

Through intensive observation and analysis of the real estate market, we are very familiar with the regional conditions and can quickly identify new trends and related opportunities. Our free and non-binding determination of the current market value of your property serves as a factual decision-making basis.

During the sales process, we use all the opportunities that arise for you and our diverse resources. With a sophisticated marketing concept and the targeted approach of those already registered with us, we quickly generate serious prospective buyers for you.

We are at your disposal, advise you on your first considerations, energetic and competent for the manifold work during the sales process, preparation and conclusion of the purchase contract, transfer of the property to the new owners and beyond.

The reimbursement of our service is in the case of success by the purchaser, unless explicitly otherwise stipulated.
Our services are therefore mostly free of charge for you as a seller.

We look forward to getting to know you soon.

Alexander Friedrich and Holger Brau

Alexander Friedrich und Holger Brau, Immobilien in Berlin und münchen

Berlin & Munich

We have been domiciled in the real estate markets of Berlin and Munich since 1990. We closely monitored the development of the districts, districts and neighborhoods, experienced changes, and developed a sense of local trends.
We, Alexander Friedrich and Holger Brau, graduated in the early nineties specializing in real estate (Dipl.-VWA Freiburg) and in 2010 decided to work closely together. In summer 2014 we opened a shop in Berlin Mitte. Our neighbors are high-end hotels, embassies, entrepreneurs and residents of high-priced real estate. This brings us closer to a circle of international property investors looking for a real estate seller. Thanks to our long-standing partner, our office in Munich Schwabing is also on a steady growth course.
Berlin is currently benefiting from the enormous purchasing power of international real estate investors. Berlin is still relatively cheap, but with enormous annual increases.
However, the Bavarian capital is also convincing due to its high purchasing power, economic stability and its positive image, especially to investors whose focus is on high-value investments.
Whether in Berlin or in Munich, our customers appreciate one thing: We do everything we can to solve problems in an uncomplicated way. Sometimes it helps to simply call the tenant or organize a craftsman. We like to do that for you too.