Purchase prices and rents in Berlin continue to rise

In the past ten years, as is known, the purchase and rental prices for real estate in Berlin have risen sharply. A turnaround is not expected.

The IVD Berlin-Brandenburg has now stated in its current market report, (IVD_Immobilienpreisservice) that compared to the previous year average rents in the simpler residential areas by almost six percent to nine euros / square meter of living space and month and in better locations by more than five percent to 10, 50 euros / QM have risen.

However, there are big differences in the districts of the federal capital.
In the good locations of Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf and Mitte, an average of 12.50 Euro / QM net-cold is paid. In simpler situations at least 10,50 Euro / QM.
You can live much cheaper in the simpler locations of Spandau and Neukölln for an average of eight euros / square meter.

The purchase prices for condominiums (existing real estate) have risen by almost thirteen percent to 2650 euros / sqm in the simpler locations, in good locations by about eight percent to 3350 euros / sqm.
As a result, price increases have increased in simple locations and, in good locations, have been much more moderate than in the previous year.
Here, too, the good residential areas of Mitte (4500 Euro / QM) and Charlottenburg (4200 Euro / QM) were the most expensive, but especially in demand Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (3800 Euro / QM), Tempelhof-Schöneberg (3400 Euro / QM). However, it depends on the micro location: the Viktoria-Luise-Platz and the Martin-Luther-Strasse do not separate more than 100 meters, but the price differences are enormous.
Relatively cheap one acquires even in the simple situations of Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Neukölln and Spandau an apartment (on average 2300 Euro / QM).
Initially, the IVD does not expect a turnaround as it continues to under-built. However, that will not be the only reason for the rising prices.