Government plans more regulations for letting and selling real estate

The Berlin state government wants to freeze the rents (Mietendeckel). The federal government wants to regulate at least the market in favor of tenants, but also for the buyers of home ownership.

The Grand Coalition wants to extend the rental price brake until the end of 2025. Introduced in 2015, it stipulates in fixed distressed areas that the rent for the re-letting of existing housing may not exceed 10 percent of the local standard rent.

The calculation period for the local comparative rent is to be extended from four to six years. This will reduce the comparative rent. In addition, tenants should be able to reclaim overpaid rent 30 months retroactively. At present, excessive rents have to be reimbursed only as of a complaint.

A change in the purchase of home ownership is also planned. If brokerage fees are due, the person who did not appoint the broker should pay a maximum of 50% of the fees – and only if the client has already paid his share. Usually brokers are commissioned by the seller of a property.