Family housing grants (‘Baukindergeld’) 2018

KFW 424
Applications possible from Tuesday 18.09.2018

What is funded:
the first acquisition of residential property in Germany, no matter whether new construction or acquisition of a used property, there is no cost or Wohnflächenbegrenzung, except that the total costs may not be less than the sum of the Family housing grants (‘Baukindergeld’).

Who is sponsored:
All households with at least 1 child eligible for child allowance in the household who has not yet reached the age of 18 when applying. The taxable annual income may not be higher than 90,000 €, the further child increases the income limit by 15,000 €

How to promote:

The application must be made directly to KFW after the move has taken place (confirmation of registration). The Baukindergeld is € 1,200 per year for 10 years and for all children who o. G. Meet prerequisites.
A family with 3 children can receive a total of 36,000 €.

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Special regulation Bavaria
Bavaria has increased the Baukindergeld over the LaBo by another 300 € annually. Furthermore, Bavaria granted via the LaBo a one-time homeowner’s allowance of € 10,000. In Bavaria, a family with 3 children could receive 55,000 €.