Seehofer’s rental cover

The CSU reports its own initiative against usury rents. The aim is to make it easier for tenants to legally take action against rents that are more than 50 percent higher than the local comparable rent. Federal Interior Minister Seehofer: „We cannot allow some to take advantage of the housing shortage to enrich themselves“. He also advocated a stronger restriction on the conversion of rental apartments into condominiums. This is to be taken seriously, because a draft of this law is already on the table.

The rent cover that the red-red-green state government passed in Berlin this week sees its ministry as unconstitutional and goes far too far. This will drive out investors, both in existing and in new buildings. The CDU and FDP in the Berlin House of Representatives will go to the Federal Constitutional Court against the rent cover.
Rents in Berlin are frozen for five years. High rents should be allowed to be reduced.